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The Creative Technologist is a person with a wide variety of capabilities and interests. Working with code is obviously important, but the ability to work within the footprint of banner advertising is crucial. You must be a skilled and dedicated, self-motivated designer/developer.
Day to day responsibilities will be both working with HTML, CSS, Javascript and related technologies AND working with creative teams internally to develop their ideas within this banner space. You will be saying “no, that’s not possible” often, because you are an expert regarding what is possible in the space. But right after that “no” must come “but we could possibly do…” because you are part of the solution.
The Creative Technologist will also be spending a good deal of time working with Photoshop or Fireworks, and Illustrator. Must be able to write clean code, and be able to pick up other developers’ code quickly.
The Creative Technologist will not likely be client-facing, but will arm the client teams with as much relevant information as possible to speak intelligently about any given project or technology.

Key Responsibilities:
● Banner / Mobile Development
● Image Manipulation (Photoshop/Illustrator)
● Creative Team Collaboration

● Manage time efficiently, minimize unnecessary overages.
● Find opportunities to over-deliver within scope
● Predict level-of-effort well, allowing for accurate client expectation management
● An understanding and appreciation for detail in your work – and noticing and respecting detail in work others produce, and that you will collaborate on
● A general understanding of Rich Media specs, best practices and definitions

● Prior experience (two to four years) working in developing coded interactive advertising

● Strong communications and organization skills.
● Detail oriented
● Strong writing skills.
● Strong familiarity with the state of the Web from a business and aesthetic perspective.
● Eager to learn

Enviar CV en inglés a daniela.herrera@rga.com o aplica aquí: https://rga.applytojob.com/apply/KeuQuf/Creative-Technologist-Html-Css-Developer.html
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