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China Glass Lining Stirrer
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China Glass Lining Stirrer
The types of propulsion-type glass lining stirrer are:
1000 l / 2000 l / 3000 l / 5000 l / 6300 l / 8000 l / 10000 l, also can be customized according to demand.
The working principle of the propulsive glass lining agitator: the propulsive mixing volume circulation rate is large, which can make the fluid churn up and down while the blade is rotating, that is, it is easy to make the low-viscosity fluid flow in the turbulent state. On the contrary, it is difficult to make the high viscosity fluid in the turbulent state.The agitator adopts axial flow type, so it is also called axial flow agitator.Under the condition of consuming the same power, it can have high stirring effect, and the power consumption is only 2/3 of that of ordinary stirring.
The performance that advances type enamel glass agitator: vitreous glaze has high corrosion-resisting action likewise, but because make cost is high, the price is opposite also high.The propeller-type glass enameling agitator is much cheaper than ordinary agitator.
The technological process and control factors of the propelling glass lining stirrer:
Solid suspension (volume circulation rate and turbulence intensity, usually DJ/Di=0.29~0.40;Ho/Di = 0.5 1.0);
Harmonic (volume cycle rate, usually DJ/Di=0.25~0.33;Ho/ Di unlimited)
Heat transfer (volume circulation rate, turbulent velocity through heat transfer surface, usually DJ/Di=0.25~0.33;Ho/Di = 0.5 2.0);
Note: The higher speed can reach 1750rpm, V =25m/s, the speed is below 500rpm, the applicable medium viscosity can reach 5x104Mpa.s.
Check the lubrication condition of the drive system before using the glass enamel stirrer:
Check whether the packing gland at the packing seal is in the end, whether there is oil in the oil cup sealed with single end face, whether the oil in the lubrication system of the double end face mechanical seal is sufficient and whether the cooling water is circulating normally, whether the oil in the reducer reaches one third of the oil window, and whether there is oil leakage in each lubrication system.Also check line configuration: check the connection line of valves, pipes, pipe fittings and thermal insulation layer are in good condition, whether the leak, operating handle or handwheel manual valves are in good condition, the valve is closed, opening and closing of the valve is smooth, the relief valve is closed, the need of utility is ready.China Glass Lining Stirrer
11-03-2021 23:39
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